Gaining in Eating Disorder Recovery

CD18D401-12D7-4E61-86E6-16666E08BBECEating disorder recovery can overwhelmingly be focussed on weight restoration or stabilisation, which is often the most terrifying part.

The most difficult thing to do is the most necessary – you can’t fully recover if you still try to remain underweight, or if your weight is fluctuating wildly as a result of disordered behaviours. Gaining weight feels torturous, but it does come with its benefits.

I didn’t just gain weight. 
I gained new friendships.
I gained an appreciation for life.
I gained the ability to explore the world.
I gained more empathy.
I gained life experience.

I didn’t just gain inches.
I gained self worth.
I gained confidence in myself and my abilities.
I gained bravery.
I gained energy.
I gained a future.

I didn’t just gain dress sizes.
I gained an identity outside of my illness.
I gained a degree.
I gained a job I love.
I gained peace.
I gained pride in myself.

I didn’t just gain weight.

I gained life.


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  1. This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing! As someone who also struggles with an eating disorder, I know too often we can focus on cutting calories and losing weight that we miss not only our optimal weight, but our optimal life.

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