Guest Blogs

This is a collection of blogs posts and features I’ve written that have been published on other sites. If you’re interested in me writing something for you, get in touch with me here.

Starting Conversations about Mental Health – A post for Time To Change on Time To Talk day 2019.

Living with Bipolar Disorder – A post written for Libby’s blog.

Why I Share My Story – A post on Pigletish’s blog about how I started talking about my mental health.

Finding Recovery – A post about living with and recovering from anorexia and bipolar disorder for BeUrOwnLight.

Hear it from the Advocates – A mini interview for Life Just As Nikki.

Why Do People Create Blogs? – Featured in a post for Make Time Online.

Blogger of the Month – A mini interview for Another Station, Another Mile.

Moments that Made Me – A post for Matthew’s blog about my journey as a mental health campaigner.

How Does it Feel to Have a Mental Health Problem? – A post for The Bitter Student.

Depression and Self Harm – A feature on the Authentically Aligned blog about self harm and depression, and how the media influences women’s thoughts about themselves.

Strength and Recovery – A contribution to Nicole’s post about what strength and being a warrior means to me.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week – A contribution to Nicole’s blog series for Eating Disorders Awareness Week.

Challenging Eating Disorder Stereotypes – A blog on the Time To Change website for Eating Disorders Awareness week.

How to Look After Your Mental Health While Travelling – A guest post for The Grad Life talking about looking after our wellbeing when exploring.

Mental Health Stories – My recovery story on the ‘Mental Health Stories’ blog which I adore and am so proud to be a part of.

Time To Talk Day – A feature on Jodie’s blog series for Time to Talk Day.

What to Expect from Your Eating Disorder Recovery – A contribution to the ‘I am 1 in 4’ community about my recovery journey.

The Mental Health Advocates: Week Two – A feature on Gemma Callaway’s blog where she explores the people behind the mental illness.

What It Feels Like: Eating Disorders – A feature on Jodie’s blog about my experience of living with anorexia.

What It Feels Like: Bipolar Disorder – A feature on Jodie’s blog about my experience of living with bipolar disorder.

My Recovery Story – An account of my recovery from anorexia featured on the Tough Cookie website.

Professionals Perspectives Towards Eating Disorders – My experience of working as a mental health professional with an eating disorder featured on the Time To Change website.

Six Things I Wish People Knew About Eating Disorders – A listicle of things I wish other people knew about eating disorders featured on the Time To Change website.

Eating Disorders and the Media: What are Real Women? – An article about the media’s perspective of ‘real women’ featured on the Wessex Scene website.

The Germanwings Co-Pilot and the Stigma of Mental Illness – Opinion piece about the Germanwings crash and the media’s stigmatising response to this featured on the Wessex Scene website.