The links below take you to the Spotify episodes of podcasts I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of. However, they can also be found across all the usual podcast hosting platforms if Spotify isn’t your jam!

Picture Blurfect – Talking with Naomi about anorexia and bipolar disorder.

Elevated Voices – Chatting with Dee all about anorexia and recovery.

Full of Beans – Hannah and I talk all about anorexia and also how it impacts living with bipolar disorder.

The Earthly Delights Podcast – Chatting to Seb and Jim about anorexia and recovery.

The Peak and the Pit – Talking to Kat and Jazz on International Women’s Day.

The Happiness Algorithm – Host James and I talk all about anorexia, bipolar disorder, social media and my role as a nurse.

Harmless – Host Caroline and I discuss eating disorders and treatment.

Mouth of Manliness – Host Nick and I talk all about mental health, social media and diet culture.

Smart Girl Tribe – Host Scarlett and I discuss diet culture, body image and eating disorders.

Voices for Change – Hosts Rebecca and Joe and I talk about my experiences with anorexia and bipolar disorder.