About Me

Hi, I’m Cara!

Welcome and thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet!

I started this blog because I’m incredibly passionate about breaking down stigma and fighting the discrimination attached to mental health problems, and I hope to do that by not only sharing my own experiences, but creating a platform for others to share theirs too. You can usually find me talking all things bipolar disorder, eating disorders, general mental health and wellbeing, and the challenges of navigating the world while experiencing mental illness.

I am an experienced writer and public speaker, and I am also a qualified mental health nurse and children’s cognitive behavioural therapist, so I can be hired to write or speak about mental health for various different audiences.

I have recently written a book, which you can buy here and in all leading book retailers. It’s an interactive self help book for people with eating disorders and I hope that it will be helpful to anybody struggling with their relationship with food and their body. I have also contributed to various other books which you can find out more about here. For more examples of my writing in addition to this blog, you can browse posts I have written here. I have also been featured in several news outlets discussing mental health and specifically eating disorders. You can read articles I have written or been featured in here, and see my news appearances here.

However, it’s also important to me to show that there is more to people than just their diagnosis. I am also a pink haired cat lady, a tattooed traveller, a veggie and a feminist. This means that in amongst my chatter about mental health across social media, you’ll also find me talking a lot about travel, feminism, politics and ramblings about my general life and observations I make along the way.

Happy reading!

Disclaimer: Everything posted on this blog represents my personal opinions and experiences, and should not be taken in place of professional advice. Please visit your local health provider for medical support.