Two Years of Blogging – My Most Read Posts

In September 2017 I set up this little space for myself on the internet.

I didn’t expect it to go anywhere or for anything to come of it, but it has blossomed into something wonderful since that time that has allowed me to not only help others, but to help myself too, and I’ve made some wonderful connections as a result.

To celebrate this milestone I thought I’d make a little round up post to share my most read blog posts since it was born.

1. How Does Depression Feel?

2. World Bipolar Day

3. My Favourite Recovery Quotes

4. Four Ways My Mental Illness Changed Me

5. How Does Mania Feel?

6. Saying Goodbye to Filters

7. A Day in the Life: Anorexia

8. Recognising Relapse

9. Gaining in Eating Disorder Recovery

10. A Confession from Me

Do you have a favourite post of mine that isn’t listed? I’d love to know what content you enjoy seeing from me!

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Two years of blogging - my most read posts

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