My Favourite Recovery Quotes

There are a lot of motivational quotes out there about mental health recovery.

I definitely find it helpful to remind myself of some of these when things get difficult. I’ve picked 10 of my favourite quotes below that mean the most to me and help get me through tough times.

Healing isn't linear - mental health recovery quote

This has been one of the most important things for me to remember, especially with regard to my eating disorder. Relapse is so incredibly frustrating; I truly can’t express the disappointment you feel in yourself when you try so hard at something then end up back where you started. Something I have learnt though, is that you are never back exactly where you started. Each time you feel yourself slipping backwards, you have new skills and experiences that you can use to pick yourself up and try again.

when you starve yourself you feed your demons - mental health recovery quote

This feels like a really good way to quantify what having anorexia feels like – the less you eat, the stronger it becomes.

don't be afraid of your story it will inspire others - mental health recovery quote

It took me a long time to learn this. I was so afraid of telling my story for so many years, but from the day I started talking my life genuinely changed. The feedback I’ve had from both people I know in real life, people online and those I talk to in schools and colleges has been overwhelming positive. Being able to be open has significantly contributed to my recovery journey, and reminds me that I can do something good with my experiences.

it's no use going back to yesterday  - mental health recovery quote

This is a quote from Alice in Wonderland which is my favourite book of all time. I like this because it reminds me that I have learnt too much to go backwards.

nevertheless she persisted - mental health recovery quote

I’ve mentioned this quote before because it’s one of my all time favourites. Although it is an excellent representation of the feminist movement where it originated, I also feel that it encapsulates the determination needed to commit to recovery, and to push through all the difficult times.

Matt Haig quote  - mental health recovery quote

This is a quote taken from one of my all time favourite books, ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ by one of my all time favourite authors, Matt Haig. He so beautifully and eleoquently describes how lonely and all consuming depression feels, but also how there is always hope on the other side of it.

it always seems impossible until it's done - mental health recovery quote

When you’re in a dark place it can feel completely impossible to see yourself getting out of it. Sometimes, once through to the other side, you might not even understand how got through it. But you did, and that’s the important part.

Carrie Fisher  - mental health recovery quote

Carrie Fisher is one of my mental health icons. She was so open and honest about the realities of having bipolar disorder, especially as she was so alone in doing so all those years ago. It was hard to pick just one quote from her, but this one speaks to me the most. I either fight my illness, or I don’t. And I don’t like the sound of the second option.

you were born to be real not to be perfect - mental health recovery quote

I am a perfectionist by nature. This, combined with genetics, low self esteem and poor body image was the perfect recipe for an eating disorder to manifest. Although I have been in recovery from anorexia for a few years now, I still have the traits that led me to that point, and I really struggle with letting go of the perfectionist in me. It’s really important for me to remember, in terms of my recovery and all aspects of my life, that nobody is perfect – and that’s okay.

you are enough - mental health recovery quote

This ties in a lot with number 9; in my continuous quest for perfection I’ve often felt not ‘enough’, and this is never more true than when in the depths of anorexia. I’ve learnt over time that no matter what, you will never, ever be good enough for anorexia. Feeling worthless is also such a significant feature of depression and can be deadly. This is something I try and reminds myself whenever I can. No matter what my eating disorder or bipolar disorder have told me so many times, I am, and always will be, enough.

What are some of your favourite sayings or quotes that help you in your recovery, or help to motivate you?


  1. i love i love i love. my most inspirational quote is something that my old therapist once told me, which i find to be true every time i have urges to fall back into my old darkness of anorexia. she said “nothing, nothing, in a life of recovery will EVER be as miserable as the darkness of your eating disorder.” so however lost and hopeless you may feel, keep pushing. recovery is possible, and so so so worth it. 💙💙

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  2. I love #8 and #9. Carrie Fisher was so inspirational and so real and I admire her so much. As for #9, I love that so much. We feel we have all these expectations surrounding us, but we don’t have to be anything. We weren’t born to be perfect!

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  3. I love this, and omg I love your hair!i recently faced a relapse, and it’s so good to see these quotes and know that someone gets it.Love your blog.Thanks for this.i’d love for you to check out mine as well!

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