Loop Engage Review

AD | I recently started using Loop Earplugs.

Honestly they are wonderful. I struggle with really chronic sleep difficulties and the Loop Quiet really help me sleep through the night better, as well as the Loop Experience helping me to concentrate at work with no background noise.

Something people have noticed when using Loops is that they can sometimes cause the wearers voice to sound echoey in their head when they are speaking. So, the guys over at Loop listened to this feedback and have created the new Loop Engage.

I’ve been lucky enough to try some out and can definitely notice the difference. My own voice sounds very natural when talking, without compromising on quietening down the sounds around me.

They’ve managed to achieve this by using a creating earplugs with a new acoustic channel that can help you to still be able to hear in and engage in conversations around you without being bothered by background noises – Loop Engage are specifically designed with conversation in mind.

As with other Loop products, they come with various different size buds which ensures you get the maximum comfort and reliability – having ear plugs that fit snugly into your ear not only ensures that you are comfortable, but that they stay in place without slipping. They are reusable and durable so will keep you going for a long time!

All Loops come in a variety of different colours – there are four colours available for the Loop Engage’s, which are all translucent and subtle. I chose lucid rose, which have a light pink effect, and artic crystal, which are clear.

Overall, as with other Loop products, I would really recommend these. Having a variety of options to pick between from sleeping to working to socialising means I am able to see the maximum benefit from loops and hope you too are able to enjoy the many options they have available.

You can find Loop on Twitter, Instagram and their website, and if you use the code LOOPXCARA you can receive 15% off.

Happy shopping, let me know how you all get on!


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