30 Things I Want to Do Post-Lockdown

Lockdown life is hard, amirite?

I know that I am incredibly fortunate to be in the situation that I am in: in lockdown with my partner who I love, still being supported (albeit remotely) by my mental health team, living in a nice house with a garden. Yes, lockdown is easier for me than for many, but that doesn’t make it easy at all. I am an extrovert, I am somebody who likes to be busy and out and about, and I have lost my day patient treatment which was a lifeline to my recovery from anorexia. But I don’t want to wallow and I am not naturally a negative person, so with that in mind I want to talk about all the things I am looking forward to once lockdown ends.

  1. Getting to see my best friends
  2. Cuddles with my nieces
  3. Going for walks in different places
  4. Being able to attend face to face therapy
  5. Horse riding
  6. Going to H&M
  7. Doing a big food shop
  8. Buying new activities from Hobby Craft
  9. Seeing my mum
  10. Going to the theatre to see Derren Brown
  11. A weekend away with my boyfriend
  12. Travelling to Italy and Japan
  13. Buying new nail varnish from Superdrug
  14. Going to festivals
  15. Seeing live music
  16. Visiting the beach
  17. Having a picnic in the park
  18. My job going back to normal again
  19. Posting international Etsy orders at the post office
  20. Going to the gym
  21. A day out in London
  22. Feeding giraffes at the zoo
  23. Getting a new tattoo
  24. Seeing my friend’s new baby
  25. Visiting my dad
  26. Dressing up and going out for cocktails
  27. Planning a holiday with my boyfriend
  28. Going to a drag show
  29. Having a reason to wear nice clothes
  30. The best Christmas ever

What are some things that you are looking forward to?


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