50 Little Things That Make Me Happy

Taking stock of what makes you happy is important. Here are some little things that make me smile to mark my 100th post!

  1. The little chirpy noise my cat makes when he’s happy to see me.
  2. Wearing bobble hats when it’s cold.
  3. When my bunnies wash each other’s ears.
  4. Soft blankets.
  5. People playing with my hair.
  6. Nice blog comments.
  7. Wearing lipstick.
  8. Finding good veggie food in a restaurant.
  9. Painting my nails.
  10. Fairy lights.
  11. Watching old Disney films.
  12. Having two days off in a row.
  13. Bubble baths.
  14. Listening to guilty pleasure songs at the gym.
  15. Arrow words.
  16. Having a tidy medicine drawer.
  17. Looking through my postcard scrapbook.
  18. Putting snapchat filters on my cat.
  19. Photos of other people’s pets.
  20. ‘What’s My Age Again’ on Radio 1.
  21. Wet floor signs that look like bananas.
  22. Finding new vegetarian food.
  23. Mini wine bottles.
  24. Changing my friends nicknames on the Messenger App.
  25. My boyfriend calling me pet names.
  26. Bunny binkies.
  27. People eating my cakes and liking them.
  28. Finding a present that is perfect for someone.
  29. The smell of chips from the chip shop.
  30. Messages from people saying they’ve seen something that reminds them of me.
  31. The mental health and blogging twitter communities.
  32. New tattoos.
  33. Tax rebates.
  34. When Robinson’s bring out a new squash.
  35. The fact that Matt Haig follows me on Twitter.
  36. The moon.
  37. Cool stamps.
  38. Stepping out of a plane on holiday into the heat.
  39. Funny cat videos.
  40. Doing my eyeliner right the first time.
  41. Britney Spears.
  42. The Green Lady.
  43. Finding pretty front doors.
  44. Being creative.
  45. Halloumi.
  46. Something being so funny it makes me laugh out loud when I’m alone.
  47. Walking around new cities.
  48. Online shopping.
  49. Baking something that turns out perfectly.
  50. Having a group of badass female friends.

What makes you happy?


  1. Such a lovely idea for a post. The smell of chip shop chips is the best; that mix of hot salt and vinegar. I’m inspired by your postcard scrapbook. I always collect postcards of places I’ve visited so this sounds like a fab way of keeping the memories safe.
    Kate xx


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