The links below will take you to articles that I have been featured in over the last few years about mental health.

Positive News – Life after an eating disorder

Daily Mail – Pig charm bracelet that comes with a poem telling dieters in the ‘fatty club’ to ‘remember Mr Piggy ‘while stuffing your face’ is branded ‘insulting’ by horrified Twitter users 

Metro – The problem with mental health influencers

Sunday Mirror – Thousands of anorexia sufferers told they aren’t thin enough for treatment

Glamour Magazine – A year in lockdown has triggered an eating disorder pandemic

BBC News – Anorexia: difficult to get proper support in lockdown

My London – It’s shocking that Nikki Grahame’s friends had to fundraise to get her the support she needed

The Brig Newspaper – Coming out of lockdown and the fear of being seen

The i Newspaper – I missed out on anorexia treatment because of BMI guidelines

The Breakdown – What life was like before being diagnosed with bipolar disorder

The Metro – Asking me if I’m ‘off my meds’ is rude and offensive

BBC News – Coronavirus Pandemic: Should I worry about my lockdown eating?

Eat Breathe Thrive – Stories of anorexia recovery

Uspire – Girl with anorexia helps end stigma after growing up to be a mental health nurse

The Lancet – #IAmNotDangerous and the politics of stigma

The Breakdown – What not to say to somebody with an eating disorder

CNN – People with eating disorders have suffered all their lives. Now they’re struggling even more

Happiful – Social media responds to mental illness and mass shooting claims

Mashable – David Harbour has strong words for those blaming mass shootings on mental illness

Daily Kos – After Trump blames mass shootings on mental illness, Twitter users clap back: #IAmNotDangerous

Yahoo Lifestyle – ‘How to lose a stone in 21 days’ TV show faces backlash

The Guardian – People with mental illnesses refused access to insurance cover

Cosmopolitan – What not to say to somebody with an eating disorder