Eating Disorders: Are You Sick Enough?

I don’t know anyone who has had an eating disorder of any description and not questioned whether they are sick enough to ask for help. But that’s one of the most dangerous things about them – they will never let you believe you are sick enough. It will always remind you that you could be […]

Top Eating Disorder Recovery Instagram Accounts

Instagram can be a very toxic place, especially the ‘recovery’ community. I say that in quotations, because often what masks as recovery is NG tubes, comparison photos and number of inpatient admissions plastered all over peoples profiles. It’s full of Halo Top and Fibre One bars and meticulously crafted smoothie bowls that took longer to […]

How it Feels to be a Nurse and a Patient

Being a mental health nurse and a mental health patient at the same time can sometimes be a little confusing. I tend to keep my mental health and my professional life separate in some ways – I am open about my experiences and feel able to tell my colleagues if things are difficult, but equally […]

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