Top Eating Disorder Recovery Instagram Accounts

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Instagram can be a very toxic place, especially the ‘recovery’ community.

I say that in quotations, because often what masks as recovery is NG tubes, comparison photos and number of inpatient admissions plastered all over peoples profiles. It’s full of Halo Top and Fibre One bars and meticulously crafted smoothie bowls that took longer to display than to eat.

With that said, there is a true recovery community out there, full of some incredibly inspiring and motivational people. I wanted to share some of my absolute favourites for anyone who wants to move away from the toxicity and into positivity.

So here is a selection of accounts that are truly recovery focussed. No disordered perfect plates of food or exercise addiction thinly veiled as progress. Just lots of positive quotes, motivational stories and normal bodies.



















Do you have any favourites that I’ve missed off? I’d love to add more to my list.


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