My Week in Photos

I had planned to do one of these posts for a while but never got around to doing it. Last week I finally reminded myself to take the photos then forgot to upload it! So here we are – my week in photos.

My copy of The Happy News arrived! I took it to day patient with me to read and share with everyone. When I got home, my boyfriend had bought me flowers to say well done for how well I have been doing in my recovery. They are so beautiful and it was a lovely, unexpected surprise.

These pictures are on the wall of the dining room at day patient. I spend a lot of time looking at them during meals and they help get me through some really tough ones. In the evening I did my nails – since I’ve been nourishing myself properly they’ve been growing so well and I’m really enjoying decorating them again!

One of the other patients asked me to make an embroidery commission and I finished it today. After day patient I went to the supermarket to try and get things for my meal plan and found so many empty shelves. This is a scary time to have an eating disorder.

Today I finished making this dream catcher in one of our arts and crafts sessions. I went for a walk in the afternoon and got to see this little pony that lives by my house. Sometimes if I remember I take him carrots round to snack on.

I went horse riding this morning and got see my favourite little pony, Marco. Afterwards I went for my first hair cut since 2017. It feels sooooo short now but I’m really happy with it, it looks so much healthier.

I had crumpets at home for the very first time since being at day patient today! That beautiful pink spread on top is Unicorn Spread from Asda – it’s raspberry flavoured with popping candy bits inside. So yum. I spent the evening finishing up reading this amazing book from my main man Louis.

I joined a Covid19 Mutual Aid group for my local area this week so I’ve been out leaflet dropping this morning around my road. This evening was spent chilling with my best friend. I wish I could be this relaxed.

This is kind of weird to look back on because although some of the coronavirus changes had come in, it was the week before it felt like the world really changed. Hopefully I can get back to doing some of these things again soon!


  1. This is such an usual blog entry type, Cara, I like this concept very much!

    So happy for & with you about your progress in healing pathe, despite the covid19 changes how you get your own help & support. Well done, i’ve been following as much as I was able, your journey through all this, you’re simply an amazing, inspiring fighter, keep going:

    I love that in the UK, you have so many Mh tools, from these magazines, to displayed pictures in day patient, to this wonderfully organized support for covid19 for which you dropped the leaftlets, we have none of those here, at least in my city. On the other hand, our gov was faster to respond and stricter in the rules and their application , so each has + & -.

    Your boyfriend’s such a kind man, am glad that you have him and his support in your life! What lovely flowers he offered, just beautiful gesture.

    Crumpets!!!!! I miss those after having tasted them in the 2 visits to London… never seen them in France, I’ll have to try making them at some point, if it’s even home-madeable, lol.

    I love your creativity & creations, lovely stuff, Cara!

    Aww horsy and cat, so darn cuuuuutes!!!
    Always a DM away if you ever need me,
    big hugs & lots of love,


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