Recovery Shoe Box Review

A while back I came across The Recovery Shoebox Project on Instagram.

Following feeling pretty sorry for myself after my relapse and whilst I was still waiting for treatment, I put a request in for myself as a pick me up, then completely forgot about it until it arrived a few weeks later.

Now, this isn’t an ad, I just wanted to make a post about it because of how amazing it was! The project was started by a girl called Megan who struggled with her own mental health and wanted to create something that could help other people. Very sadly, Megan passed away in February 2019 but the project is being continued in her legacy by her mum, Jo. All the boxes are free of charge but they hope that when receiving one you spread the word about them and help them to reach more people. So, that’s what I’m doing!

I honestly could not be more amazed at how much was inside the box, and how wonderful and thoughtful it all was. When ordering your box there is an option to enter a bit of information about yourself so that they can tailor the box to you as an individual. I don’t remember exactly what I wrote in mine but whatever it was they definitely listened to because it was perfect for me!

I’m going to break down the items into categories to show you guys just how much amazing stuff was included.

Self Care:



Once I received it I immediately messaged them offering to donate some items from my Etsy store to them. If any of you have capacity to do the same I would strongly encourage it, it’s such an amazing cause and truly made such a difference to me, so I know it will to many others too!

Thank you so much to Megan for starting this project and to Jo for carrying it on – you’re both amazing.

You can request your own box (or one for someone you care about) here.

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The Recovery Shoe Box Project - A Review of My  Box


    • Hi Cara,

      What a beautiful idea. I genuinely admire those with mental health who manage to turn their pain into a gift to inturn give back to others.

      I just had a look at the site with the idea of donating.I’ve got a beautiful bracelet from your Etsy site and try to support others. But on the shoe box site read that sadly Megan has passed away. This has undone me this morning, hearing someone else has battled but passed.

      Could you please add a trigger alert to your post…

      Liked by 1 person

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