December Favourites

Each month I want to take the time to reflect on three things I’ve enjoyed – I find that reflection makes me appreciate things a lot more.

Alternative advent calendars. This year, because of my relapse, I am obviously not eating chocolate. This meant that people have been a little more creative with what they’ve bought for me and I ended up with some amazing things! My mum got me one from The Body Shop which was awesome. Each day had a different product and a fact about an inspirational woman on the side. I also got a Morris and Co one from my lovely friend Jodie, and my boyfriend bought me a bath bomb one and also one called Advent of Change. Behind each window was a different charity, and by buying the advent calendar each charity received a small donation. Some of them were really niche and things that previously I wouldn’t have thought about donating to so it was such a nice thing to open every day!

Christmas baking. Every year I make different treats for people at Christmas – mostly I’ve made different variations of fudge but I’ve also made chocolate bark, truffles and sugar cookies. This year I made different festive cookies: chocolate orange, dark chocolate and cranberry and red velvet. I’m really please with how they all came out and they went down really well!

Christmas! I love Christmas so much. This year had more stresses than in recent years but overall it was still lovely. I was thoroughly spoilt and got to spend time with all my favourite people.

I’m having a break from this series next year but I might bring it back at some point! I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading it over the year.

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My December favourites

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