A Week With Me

I did one of these a while back and people seemed to enjoy it so I thought I’d do another one!

I picked a week where I’m not at work so it’s a bit more interesting.

I’m on annual leave officially and I had a little lay in which was lovely! I went into town to do a bit of shopping and then went for a walk in the afternoon. I was supposed to have an appointment with my case manager at the eating disorders clinic but they called just beforehand to reschedule for Tuesday which was pretty frustrating because I’d psyched myself up for it all day. I spent the evening making jumpers as I sold quite a few after I posted the one I made for myself on twitter!

I had my appointment at the eating disorders clinic today which went well. It was a meeting with my case manager who I really like and it was essentially to do preparation for the day programme and to discuss goals and worries. It looks like I will be able to start at some point in December unless somebody more urgent overtakes me so I think that’s a time frame I can work with. I went for a walk then came home afterwards to crack on with my main task for the day – making my best friends wedding cake! I am a bridesmaid on Thursday and wanted to give myself time to make it with a day to spare in case there were any big disasters, but after many many hours slaving over the oven I think they all came out quite well! I’ve made three separate tiers: chocolate, salted caramel and vanilla. I hope they’re all okay on the day! I did a bit of bullet journaling this evening to process some of my thoughts about my appointment this morning, then treated myself to a prosecco.

I did a lot of tidying and packing for the wedding today. I also went to my GP to find out if I can go back to work or not and it’s all a bit up in the air still, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to! I spent a while reading through all the information about day patient just to try and process it all a little bit. I feel pretty anxious about it all, there’s a lot of expectations from me that I’m worried I wont be able to fulfill but also I know that if I want to recover, I just have to. There’s no two ways about it. Me and my boyfriend then headed to the hotel in the evening and had a couple of drinks with everyone, before getting an early night in ready for the big day!

It’s wedding day! I got up early and headed to the bridal suite where we all got our hair and makeup done. The bride bought me some beautiful presents and it was so much fun all getting ready together – the photographer was amazing too and so much fun to hang out with all morning! The wedding itself was absolutely perfect and I’m so happy with how my cake turned out – it went down really well! The dinner was quite anxiety provoking but I managed it well, and spent the evening drinking and dancing with some of my absolute favourite humans in the whole world. It couldn’t have gone better! I also found out in the morning that I can go back to work on Saturday which I am super excited about.

We had breakfast with everyone after the best wedding ever then my boyfriend and I headed home. I went and did a bit of grocery shopping then essentially spent the day napping on and off under a lot of blankets! Three days of a lot of wine and anxiety took it out of me a lot, plus I wanted to be prepared to go back to work tomorrow.

Back to work! I’m grateful that I’m able to come back, I consider nursing to be such an important part of my identity and the fact that anorexia is going to take me away from it for a while is pretty heartbreaking for me. All the more motivation to recovery though! It was a pretty quiet day so I got to ease back in and just try and catch up on some of my stacks of admin that built up while I was off. I also got to pop in to Winchester to visit a little Christmas craft fair which was lovely. My boyfriend and I started watching a rubbish film but ended up turning it off. We watched the final of Australian Masterchef in the end (which is one of our favourite shows ever!) and was so much better than the film.

I had the worst sleep. I have some terrible neighbours who go out every Saturday night, get absolutely smashed then scream in the street at variable times from midnight until around 6am. I honestly hate them! Luckily work was nice and quiet again because I’m feeling pretty groggy from the lack of sleep. It’s been a really nice way to ease back in and I was working with one of my friends which helped a lot! I’m quite looking forward to getting back to the hustle and bustle of the Monday-Friday work tomorrow.

Overall I had a pretty varied week with lots of ups and downs! I’d love to see similar posts from you guys.

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A week with Cara Lisette


  1. Thank you so much Cara for sharing your week’s journey.
    What a lovely gesture to bake your friend’s cake which looks beautiful and I love your idea of different tastes for the layers.
    It sounds as though you have a good professional support plan in place. What type of nursing do you do?
    Sounds like you had a productive and enjoyable week.

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