September Favourites

Each month I want to take the time to reflect on three things I’ve enjoyed – I find that reflection makes me appreciate things a lot more.

This month is all about my little holiday to Amsterdam!

Body World museum. This is a museum where all of these exhibits are made from real human bodies. It was fascinating. The whole theme of it is about happiness and how everything in your body comes together to contribute to it, it was so interesting! This picture is all of the blood vessels from a human heart.

Europe’s highest swing. This swing is on top of a really tall building and looks out over Amsterdam – it was really fun but scary! The views were really cool though, and it rained shortly after we went on it so we got there just in time.

Drag queens. We went to an amazing drag show in this tiny little bar and all the queens were amazing and so lovely! I don’t think there are many things that make me happier than being immersed in a drag show.

Stay tuned for next months favourites!

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My September Favourites


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