Bath and Soaps Review

GIFTED | When the guys over at Bath and Soaps contacted me to ask if I was interested in reviewing their products, I obviously jumped at the chance.

If you follow me over on my blog’s Instagram account, you’ll know how much I love a bath bomb. They’re one of my favourite ways to introduce a bit of simple self care and I use the on the reg.

I was sent three bath bombs: tutti fruity, strawberry tropical paradise and pineapple tropical paradise. I also had a vanilla olive oil soap slice included.

The first thing I noticed about the bath bombs, other than the amazing smell, is that they’re a really good size! They’re around the size of a standard Lush one, whereas I find in places like Superdrug or Boots they tend to be a lot smaller.

I used the strawberry first, then the pineapple, then the tutti fruity. All three of them smelt lovely and really fizzy when you put them in the water. The pineapple was my favourite because the scent lingered for ages and it turned the water yellow so I felt like I was in a little pool of sunshine! bath bomb

The olive oil soap smelt really good and didn’t dry my skin out at all which I find a lot of bar soaps do. olive oil slice

Overall I am really happy with everything I received! The coco bath bombs, which I used, contain coconut butter so leave your skin feeling hydrated and for how much they cost (£4.25 each or £10.75 for three), you get really good value for money.

You can also keep track of their products on Twitter and Instagram.

If you buy anything between now and the end of July, use code Cara10 and get 10% off your order!

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My review of Bath and Soaps products


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