29 Things I Like About Myself at 29

Birthday’s can be tricky.

Getting older inevitably results in self reflection and sometimes it’s easy to focus on the things we aren’t quite so happy with; how we’re not where we want to be in our careers or our relationships or how we don’t look how we want or don’t have the same life that everyone around us seems to have.

Last year, I wrote about 28 things I’d learnt about myself by the time I turned 28, and this year I want to think about all the things I like about myself at this point in my life, rather than reflect on what I might be unhappy with.

  1. My tattoos. I have accumulated what averages out as one tattoo per year, and they make me a part of who I am.
  2. I am kind. I care deeply about others.
  3. I love animals. I always have and always will – when I was little I never played with dolls, all I was interested in were animals.
  4. I challenge myself. I do things even though it scares me, and some of those things are the best decisions I have ever made.
  5. I am ambitious. I strive to be achieving the best that I can be and it’s got me into a job that I love.
  6. I help people. In and outside of work.
  7. I am brave. I went to the other side of the world by myself for a month having never travelled alone before.
  8. I am a good writer. English has always been ‘my’ subject and now I get to use that skill for good.
  9. I am creative. My little shop has shown me just how creative I can be.
  10. I am loving. When I care about people, I care about them deeply.
  11. My rainbow hair. I can’t remember the last time I saw my natural hair colour – around 16 years ago I think. I love being colourful.
  12. The people I surround myself with. I have chosen the most wonderful humans to be around and filtered out those that have a negative impact on me.
  13. My thirst for knowledge. I love learning. Teach me a new fact or a new word and I’ll be happy for the rest of the day.
  14. I am weird. I have it on good authority that I am odd as people tell me this frequently. I embrace that – I’ve always been a bit strange.
  15. I am childlike. It’s why I love working with children so much. I get to be creative and silly and whimsical.
  16. My bond with my cat. He is my soulmate and I have loved him from the second I saw him.
  17. My happy relationship. I know people are always saying relationships take work but I just don’t feel that way. We always say we’ve cracked the code: if you like each other and you’re nice to each other, then it’s pretty easy.
  18. I am improving. I try to be the best version of myself.
  19. My glass is half full. I am naturally a positive and hopeful person, albeit with a slightly dark and sarcastic edge.
  20. I am a good nurse. I care deeply about my job and try to always be the most compassionate and competent nurse I can be.
  21. I turn bad experiences into good ones. For example, this blog, and becoming a nurse.
  22. I can do public speaking. In fact, I enjoy it. I have lectured at university, shared my mental health story and delivered education sessions to parents and professionals at work.
  23. I am a perfectionist. Many of you who’ve followed me for a while will know that this is also a downfall of mine, but ultimately it’s helped me achieve well in life.
  24. I am an extrovert. Sometimes I like a bit of me time, but overall I thrive off being around other people and it’s ended up helping me to gain some amazing friends.
  25. I don’t care what other people think about me. This is obviously not 100% true because everyone cares a little, but overall I am able to just do what I want to do and say what I want to say without too much worry.
  26. I am small. I used to hate it when I was younger but now I like being little! Except at gigs – then it’s annoying.
  27. I am independent. I don’t feel the need to be tied down to anything and I am happy to do things by myself. Unless that thing is making a phone call.
  28. I am honest. I am getting more so by the day.
  29. I am gaining confidence in my own skin. I’m not happy with myself but I am accepting myself, and that it so far from where I ever imagined I could be.

Happy birthday to me!

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29 things I like about myself by 29


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