May Favourites

Each month I want to take the time to reflect on three things I’ve enjoyed – I find that reflection makes me appreciate things a lot more.

This month my top picks are all from my holiday:

Island hopping. I visited so many different islands while I was away, double figures easily! One of them was a completely private island that I stayed on overnight – my group were the only people there, it was so cool. I saw loads of gorgeous fish and a big sea turtle too when we were snorkelling between islands.

Palawan - Port Barton

Underground river. The underground river in Puerto Princesa is a UNESCO world heritage site and it was honestly incredible. Nature is amazing.

Palawan - Underground River

New friends. I met so many lovely new friends from all over the world, which is one of my favourite things about travelling on my own. I can’t wait to see who I meet on my next trip!

Tune in next month for my top three picks!

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My May favourites


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