April Favourites

Each month I want to take the time to reflect on three things I’ve enjoyed – I find that reflection makes me appreciate things a lot more.

This month my top picks are:

Sunshine. This month we saw the first bit of truly warm sun! I am a summer baby and the sunshine makes a huge difference to my mood. I have had a few nice walks in the forest which I’m very lucky to live nearby, which has geared me up for my holiday in the sun next month!

New Forest Pony

Cricut. My mum bought me a Cricut this month to help me with my shop and it is incredible. I am still learning how to use it but it’s made cutting out things for my shop soooo much easier and I have the potential to add so many more products now! It’s such a clever little machine.


Ridiculous Facebook Groups. This month I discovered two groups: one called Terrible Art in Charity Shops and one called Weird Second Hand Finds That Need To Be Shared. Seriously, these are something else. I don’t really use Facebook often, but I can’t get enough of these groups. If you only do one thing today, please make it joining one of these. You wont regret it!

Tune in next month for my top three picks, which will all be travel themed!

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My April Favourites


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