MeriBee Me Subsciption Box

A few weeks back I had a message from MeriBee Me asking if I’d like to review one of their subscription boxes*, so of course I jumped at the chance because they looked adorable.

I wasn’t disappointed!

You can read the story of why MeriBee Me was created below – I think it’s such a lovely idea and would be a perfect gift for somebody going through a tough time.

MeriBee Me subscription box

The theme of the box is ‘sleepy’ and it’s full of lots goodies to help you feel snuggly, along with a little craft activity. As you may be aware by now, I love a good arts and crafts session, so I can’t wait to get started.

The contents of the box are on the list below – I had everything in mine except the cat nail file and I can honestly say all the items are really high quality. I’ve taken the mug to work already and it’s the perfect size for a little hot drink on the go. I don’t drink tea or coffee but I love a hot squash in the winter and my office is frequently absolutely freezing so it’s been really useful for me already!

MeriBee Me subscription box
MeriBee Me subscription box

I also love an enamel pin, I have a denim jacket covered in them and this one is super cute and literally encompasses how I feel every single morning when my alarm goes off (yes I am a snoozer, yes I know it’s not good for me). And then I also got a tiny little alarm clock which is sweet and looks lovely on my bedside table.

MeriBee Me subscription box

Onto the craft activity, a different one of which will be included every month. Firstly, I love this idea. When I’m feeling low, one of the things that helps me the most is doing small, manageable activities that make me feel as though I’ve achieved something, which is why I love doing things like cross stitch and embroidery. I would be so happy if somebody sent me a new arts and crafts task every month! The one included in this box is a set of little felt coasters with woodland animals on. I am obsessed with the little fox – I love foxes and even have a big tattoo of one on my leg. Not only is this a great activity to do (not too complex but enjoyable and a great distraction), the end product is adorable and would make a lovely gift for somebody else if you didn’t have space for them in your own house. I think I might give two to my mum (one of them is a hedgehog and she loves hedgehogs), but I want to keep the little fox for myself. I will definitely post photos once I’ve finished them!

MeriBee Me subscription box

I would completely recommend this as a pick me up for yourself or as a gift for a friend/family member. It was a lovely little package to receive.

You can find out more at

*Disclaimer: This box was gifted to me in exchange for a review but all views are my own.

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Ther MeriBee Me mental health/chronic illness craft subscription box


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