Blogger of the Month – April

I truly believe one of the most important parts of blogging is supporting other bloggers.

With that in mind, I’ve started a monthly series where I will feature a different mental health blogger each time so you can all get to know some of my favourite people to follow!

This month is all about Sophie from Bumble and Be.

Introduce yourself and your blog!
The overarching theme of my content is mental health/wellbeing and finding the silver linings in every day, no matter how small. I like to share this a range of contexts, from crafts, nature and cruelty-free living, to fashion, beauty and food. I want to focus more on lifestyle this year, as opposed to more reflective/journal style posts, but this will definitely push me out my comfort zone! I get anxious sharing products, as I worry about upsetting the brand (work that one out?!) or recommending something unhelpful. However, in the end I have to go with what feels right and what I love. That’s the most important thing!

Why did you start your blog?
I began blogging back in 2011 as a Diabetes blog, hoping to feel less alone with my chronic health condition and possibly help others in the same position. In subsequent years I began to open up about my mental health struggles (anorexia and anxiety), but my intention was very similar – raising awareness, connecting with people and finding a silver lining through adversity. I am so thankful for the people I “met” through blogging and hope this will continue in years to come.

How would you describe your blogging style?
I think if I had to pick one word it would be “bumbling.” Not in the sense that I don’t have a clue what I’m doing (which I don’t…), but because I refuse to squish myself into boxes or fit the algorithm! I spent too much of my life trying to squish into Size ‘Silly’ Skirts, it’s about time I set myself FREE to be me, even if it’s not ‘perfect’. After all, what is? I am a notorious rambler, so what starts as a “short and sweet” post often turns into a novel, but again I try not to limit myself for fear of what others may think. On that note, my writing style is a bit out-of-the-box; I can’t resist a Harry Potter Pun or Metaphor, which you will likely spy at some point in this post!

What is your favourite post that you’ve ever written and why?
This was a hard one (which I instantly worry sounds arrogant, but anxiety can be quiet!) I think I’d have to choose “Let Go of #LiveYourBestLife: Let yourself BE”, as it was one of those “I need to write now or I’ll explode on Twitter!” I kept seeing the hashtag trend on social media and realised how false it was. This post captures the overriding message I’ve learnt in recent years and want to advocate on my blog: “Whether you are buzzing through the world, or simply trying to bumble along,  live your BEst life. You can DO anything and everything, but it can’t spark joy until you set yourself free. Unless you let yourself BE.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve got to share about blogging?
Never lose sight of why you started. You can create all the schedules and bullet journals in the world, buy a shop’s worth of products to review or take a masterclass in #flatlaygoals. You can decide where, when and what you’ll post; however, if you can’t remember why you’re doing it, all those things will be just that: things. Your blog will have words but no story. Give people a reason to read and, more importantly, give yourself a reason to write. Remember WHY.

What is your favourite thing about yourself?
Oh goodness… the “Mind Muggles” are really trying to trip me up on this! Okay…. I’m going to say creativity. It’s my favourite part about being a (pottermore approved) Ravenclaw, as it encompasses all parts of my life. I like to think that, through creativity, I am able to spread kindness and positivity through on IG, Etsy and my blog. I could probably win the prize for “longest IG captions”, as I love crediting stories that include positive messages about mental health, ethical living, diversity, compassion and self-acceptance. Without creativity, these stories would not exist, so I am proud to call myself a Whimsical Ravenclaw and refuse to let anxiety get me down about it!

What is your favourite self care activity?
Crocheting with no time pressure.

What is your biggest achievement?
I struggle with this one, as I’m not the best self-cheerleader! But I think my proudest achievement is opening my Etsy shop and getting it to this point. Self-doubt constantly tries to stop me in my tracks, but I’ve kept going and passing stages I never thought I’d reach! It’s done wonders for my self-confidence and was built entirely from scratch. As Musical Matilda songs, “even if you’re little you can do a lot, you musn’t let a little thing like little stop you.” The only limit is the length of your imagination.

What photograph is guaranteed to make you smile?
This photo of myself and Millie moo, which was taken in my favourite Coffee Shop after a woodland walk and was followed by an impromptu photoshoot for my Etsy beasties! It encompasses some of greatest treasures – Millie, Mum, Making, Mindfulness, Magic and Soya Milk cappuccinos!

Who are your top three bloggers right now and why?
1. Nicole’s Journey. I have followed her blog from the beginning and can only describe her as a “sunflower soul.” From mental health to free from favourites, her blog posts never fail to shine a light on my day and she is also a constant reminder that recovery from anorexia IS possible. I am so thankful to have “met” her, as we have so much in common it’s quite scary and I’m determined that we WILL meet for good this year!
2. Ellis Jade. After discovering her magical illustrations on Instagram, I began following her blog and she was one of my earliest motivations to start my own small business! Like Nicole, she is a golden example of using social media for GOOD – forget “influencer”, she’s an INSPIRER, promoting kindness to our planet through both lifestyle and art. Having followed her blog and business from those acorn days, It’s been amazing to see it grow in recent months – if anyone deserves an Oak Tree, it’s this magical Human Bean!
3. Cara Lisette – genuinely, YOU! Your courage and compassion are second to none and you‘re one of the few blogs I always return to, no matter what “real” life throws my way. Quite simply, because you’re REAL! Imperfectly perfect in every way, finding the strength to share your story and always supporting others, even when struggling yourself. People like you are one in a trillion gazillion and I count my lucky stars to have found you. Never stop spreading your light, because the world needs it and – more importantly – YOU deserve to shine.

If you could have an afternoon with a group of bloggers who would those chosen bloggers be and why? What would your chosen activity be?
Oh goodness, I’m spoilt for choice! I follow a variety of bloggers who cover such different topics, from mental health and well-being to cruelty-free living, crafts, canines and coffee shop reviews… and Harry Potter, obviously! So I think I would try to combine as many of those things as possible and invite likeminded souls: Nicole’s Journey, Ellis Jade, Abbey Louisa Rose, Rosie Chomet, OneMoreLightLB, Natalie Leanne, Grace Believed, Ruth in Revolt and YOU! I’ve probably missed so many out and my mind is doing somersaults, but i feel this would be a lovely little group.
The dream Location would be a craft cafe in the countryside, which is plant-based, dog-friendly, serves incredible coffee and has a book burrow corner for my fellow Matildas. Seeing as this is all rather whimsical, I’ll throw in a Wishing Well too!

What question would you like to ask next month’s blogger?
What was your silver lining from the past month?

Thanks so much Sophie! You can also find her over on Twitter and Instagram – I would highly recommend giving her a follow! She also has a magical Etsy store and is on YouTube under “Beeing Sophie”.

Stay tuned for May’s blogger of the month!

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Blogger of the month - April


    • I couldn’t agree more, i always live in hope i may get more comments on my actual blog, but for now I am so thankful to have people like Cara supporting me and a growing little community on Instagram – love before likes!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Thank you for liking my comment, Sophie!

        I’m only on wordpress (struggle just keeping one blog going, due to illness) and haven’t experienced any real sense of community, thus far.
        But I have very few followers compared to you and Cara.


      • Thank you, Cara!
        Yes, I’m sure you are right.

        I would like to diversify, but my situation is very unusual.
        I have severe levels of chronic illness, causing constant pain and exhaustion.( It is hard to even sit at a computer.)
        Because I have also developed a potentially life-threatening condition now(and no surviving family) I am anxious to finish editing and uploading my art and writing while I’m still able.
        Once the backlog of work has grown smaller I hope to turn my tiny reserves of energy more toward growing an audience.


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