March Favourites

Each month I want to take the time to reflect on three things I’ve enjoyed – I find that reflection makes me appreciate things a lot more.

This month my top picks are:

The Sims 3. I recently found the charger for my old laptop with The Sims 3 installed and even though it’s been switched off for about 6 years it still works perfectly! I’ve made me, my boyfriend and my cat and I work as a writer. I designed our exact house which everyone knows is one of the most fun parts, and I am going to make a mansion the next time I get bored of playing.

Horse riding. I used to have a horse when I was little and rode a few times a week, but I stopped as I got older due to allergies and finances. It’s one of my favourite things to do in the whole world, so I made it my new years resolution to start again. I ride every other week and my assigned horse is called Marco. He’s very sweet (this is him).

Afternoon tea. It was my friends 30th this month (the first one in our group to turn 30), so we went out for afternoon tea and a big night out afterwards. It was so much fun and the cakes were lovely!

Stay tuned for April’s favourites!

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My March favourites


  1. You made me feel old, I hit 43 in April, I’m glad you’ve started horse riding again they are beautiful creatures, I’m very very Allergic, I did ride twice when I was younger while trying to test antihistamines but I can’t ride I can’t even stroke or pet them, I think you do such amazing stuff for people’s mental health I’m glad you look after yourself at the same time, I’m so proud of everything you do beautiful xxx

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