Blogger of the Month – February

I truly believe one of the most important parts of blogging is supporting other bloggers.

With that in mind, I’ve started a monthly series where I will feature a different mental health blogger each time so you can all get to know some of favourite people to follow!

This month is all about Laura at Purlls of Wisdom.

Introduce yourself and your blog!
Hi my name is Laura, and I blog about LGBTQ issues, mental health journey and TV programmes. The blog I run is and like the name suggests it’s an honest take of these experiences, and hopefully at some points quite funny,

Why did you start your blog?
Because I wanted to be what I needed I was younger. I didn’t have this when i was younger, I didn’t realise there were so many other voices out there who had similar opinions to myself or similar mental health journeys, I thought my mental ill health were similar headaches for overthinking too much and as a result lethargic and exhausted, that if anyone cried too hard they would get an anxiety attack. Boy was i wrong… so I think back to that period from time to time and remind myself there are still people like that out there ignorant to it and thinking blindly that their problems will go away, so I blog for them in the vain hop someone might read it and be cheered up as a result or even make the moves to seek help.

How would you describe your blogging style?
Honest. Too honest. I try and blog my experiences as LGBTQ with also my mental health journey, plus anything I watch on TV.

What is your favourite post that you’ve ever written and why?
Quite possibly  A Letter To My 18-Year-Old Self, it was the first i published on my blog and it was very difficult for me to wrote as it brought a lot of bad memories to the forefront I previously had buried but it was o cathartic and in a way needed to happen.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve got to share about blogging?
Go with your gut. Don’t follow what other people are writing content-wise, go with your gut and what feels right and the rest will come.

What is your favourite thing about yourself?
My humour, its very sarcastic which doesn’t come off well online.

What is your favourite self care activity?
Hot water bottles, tea, and some boxset I’ll go through – Greys Anatomy, Lord of the Rings, Big Bang theory – these are all very distracting if getting over heartbreak, particularly Parks & Recreation and Community. Thank me later.

What is your biggest achievement?
When I moved abroad. Or my degree, genuinely didn’t think I would get a 2:1.

What photograph is guaranteed to make you smile?
Its a picture of me and Grandad when I was small with his dog Henry, taken by Dad. Grandad is on the floor on his side talking to Mum, who was off camera at the time. he had his arm round me and I had my arm round Henry resting my head on him. Such a sweet moment. I loved that dog so much.

Who are your top three bloggers right now and why?
Man vs Adulthood – he blogs about film, the odd video game,life, and generally navigating through adulthood. Most of the films I have watched this year have been off the back of his recommendation, so we do have similar interests and aims to be honest. Plus on his Twitter and his blog I can feel him smile. Weird I know, but he’s so positive. It’s like nothing fazes him. He’s like a hug, and I’m sure he’s like that in real life.

You – Cara Lisette – again there’s a bit of a positivity theme here and given what you blog about I really admire how you can turn something as personal as your mental health into something so positive. I admit seeing so much pink was bit like turning day mode on Twitter (WOW) but now that I have started reading and following you actively, I do feel that my timeline and even my reading list would be very bare without you in it. I credit your experiences and advice as invaluable and I wouldn’t have got through the best part of 2018 without it.

Pigletish – Annelli Roberts – argh, squish. I love this girl. She is like a dictionary when it comes to mental health, I can’t begin to imagine her recent personal experiences with it in the last year with her bereavement but my god doesn’t she just carry on. It’s like your grandparents, or at least like mine the ones of a certain post war era, such a keep calm and carry on mentality. And always with a smile on her face. Her podcasts and blog have been so helpful in shaping my own understanding of my mental health, and where my journey will take me.

Some other notable mentions include Abbie of whatabbiesays and Ruth of RuthinRevolt. who both in their own way have inspired me to start bloggingmyself.

If you could collaborate with any celebrity on any subject, who / what would it be and why?
I don’t really like the term celebrity, because when I think of celebrity I think of the crowd of The Only Way Is Essex. I suppose I would love to collaborate with Calum McSwiggan or Roly given the content they produce is very much LGBT focused and they are really funny.

Then again my mate did say it would be ace if I collaborated withMichael McIntyre if only for the fact I look like his long lost daughter…

What question would you like to ask next month’s blogger?
Besides blogging is there any other channel you would like to branch into such as vlogging, or podcasts?

Thank you so much Laura – please check out her blog for more amazing content! You can also find her on Instagram on her personal and travel and on Snapchat at Purrlsofwisdom.

Stay tuned to find out March’s blogger!

Blogger of the month - February


  1. Laura is an amazing woman, you both are, I need to follow this lovely lady her sense of humour is brilliant.

    I think I’m going to enjoy this feature, it is a great idea, the only problem is if all of the bloggers are as awesome as you both are I’ll not have enough time to read all of the blogs.

    Thank you ladies 💖💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

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