My Year in Review – 2018


I did one of these last year and thought it was a really nice way to reflect on the most significant parts of the year. So here is my 2018 in review!

January –

I didn’t actually do a whole lot in January. It was mostly just winding down from a lovely Christmas and going back into work after having some lovely days off. I had booked a holiday though and spent some time preparing for that. My favourite thing was getting to ride my new bike that I got for Christmas.


February –

The month of said holiday! I went backpacking through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I met a friend out there who I know from working in the Philippines a couple of years ago. It was so much fun and I got to see loads of different things. Cambodia was my favourite, but also the place I spent the most time. I also got three tattoos!

March –

March brought with it the Beast from the East! I don’t know if anyone remembers that far back, but it snowed more than I’ve ever known it to in my whole life – it was amazing. I spent loads of time out in it, made snowmen and snow angels, and spent time under the duvet with hot chocolate. Magical. I also went to Newcastle with my friends which was fun; we went to a drag show and to this amazing cocktail bar called The Alchemist – I highly recommend it.

April –

April is my cats birthday which I think should be declared a national holiday to be honest. I got him a little cake which he was pretty happy with. I also had two of my tattoos featured in a magazine which was pretty cool! The artist is Arienette Ashman and she’s awesome.

May –

May was Bali month! I visited Ubud, the Gili Islands and Seminyak – it was by favourite month of the whole year. It was the longest holiday my boyfriend and I have had together and our first in two years. We went for two weeks and it was the best thing in the world. It’s on a par with the Philippines for me I think. It was so beautiful, friendly and cheap too! I also went to Werq the World which is the tour of RuPaul’s Drag Race and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. I wish I was a drag queen.

June –

Two of my friends got married in June in the loveliest ceremony. I went up to Bath with three of my best friends and we stayed over for two nights. It’s also my birthday in June – I turned the big 28 and wrote about it here.

July –

I went up to Edinburgh in July. We were so lucky with the weather; it was beautiful so we spent a lot of time exploring by foot. I went to the zoo and finally saw real life pandas which has been a dream of mine for years! Fun fact: people think my cat is called Panda because I like pandas, but I actually like Panda’s because they remind me of my cat. I also went to another drag show with my friend and saw Shangela who I absolutely love – she was amazing!


August –

I visited Dublin in August and again, the weather was lovely. We spend almost all of it walking again too, and it was a really relaxed pace. A couple of the things I wanted to see were closed which was annoying as it turned out we went on an Irish bank holiday, but it was still really fun. I also went to Victorious Festival in Portsmouth with a group of friends. The weather was absolutely horrendous but we were still able to have a lot of fun after a couple of drinks!

September –

This was a real mixed bag of a month. It was my blog’s first birthday (yay)! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and had so much support that I am so grateful for. I went to a chocolate making class with my boyfriend which was super fun and meant I got to go to Brighton which is one of my favourite places in the UK. I go to Brighton for work quite a lot but don’t get to spend any actual time there so it was really nice to be able to wander around the Lanes. September also saw the worst relapse in my mental health since 2015, which was a real knock to me. I wrote about it in a couple of different posts which was hard as I am not particularly good at sharing stuff unless it is from the past, so I struggled talking about something that I was still emotionally connected to. But I think honestly is important. At the end of the month I went to Ibiza. There was a question mark as to whether I’d be able to go or not as a result of my mental health but myself and the crisis team agreed it would be okay. I had a nice time but there were some tricky moments given the circumstances and I was pretty drained by the time I got home.


October – 

October was a good month. I went back to work after being off sick and got back into normal life again. I saw one of my favourite drag queens, Monet X Change, in Bristol with my friends and went pumpkin picking for Halloween. I also finally booked my next big solo travel adventure for May 2019 – I am going back to the Philippines, a country which has my whole heart. The absolute best thing to happen this month, however, was that I had the opportunity to go the the Global Mental Health Summit in London. It was an amazing experience and best of all, not only did I get to see one of my biggest inspirations Matt Haig read from his books, I got to meet him too, AND he actually recognised me! That is definitely up there in the highlights of my year.


November –

November was a pretty chilled out month for me which I definitely needed as I was still settling myself back into work and normal life again from my relapse. The most exciting thing though was that I was invited to speak about mental health blogging at Time To Change’s Story Camp! Those who have followed me for a while will know what a huge amount of love I have for Time to Change and what an impact they have had on my life, so of course I was delighted to have been asked. I met so many amazing people, some of whom I’ve been chatting to for a while like Anneli, Peter and Nicole which was wonderful. To top the month off, I got a promotion and I am now officially a Senior Nurse Practitioner! Celebrations all around.


December –

I adore December because I adore Christmas. I had my work Christmas party which was nice and I put up our tree. We got a new tree this year (artificial – I hate real trees) which has a snowy effect and it’s SO beautiful! Also it’s my boyfriend and I’s anniversary in December and we spent the day at Winter Wonderland which was cheesy but amazing, I had such a great day. I went for Christmas dinner with my dad on the 23rd, spent Christmas Day split between family and then did absolutely nothing on Boxing Day which was perfect. I also took part in my first ever podcast – watch this space for details! At the very end of the month my boyfriend and I went to stay in a little glamping pod for a night which was lovely.


Here’s to a great 2019, hopefully full of wonderful surprises.

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My year in review 2018

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