Homemade Christmas Treats

Every year I make some form of Christmas treats for people.

I’ve made truffles, fudge, cookies, and cake in the past, and this year I chose to make chocolate bark. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically where you make a melt some chocolate, spread it into a big slab, decorate it and snap it into pieces!

Here are the different flavours I made today:

Dark Chocolate and Mixed Fruit:
This was an easy one! I got a big bag of mixed dried fruit including raisins and citrus peel, then scattered it over a pool of dark chocolate.

Chocolate bark recipe

After Eight:
I bought a tube of the mini After Eights and cut them up into little pieces, and also crushed some green Smarties to match with the minty theme. I used dark chocolate for the base.

Chocolate bark recipe

Millionaire’s Malteaser:
I crushed a load of Malteasers over a base of milk chocolate, and then I used a topping mixture from Cake Angels that included little pieces of fudge, chocolate and gold stars.

Chocolate bark recipe

Chocolate Orange:
Again I used milk chocolate for this one and put mini chocolate orange segments on the top. I crushed orange smarties and spread them out too.

Chocolate bark recipe

Cherry Bakewell:
I marbled dark and milk chocolate together and threw dried cherries and chopped almonds on top.

Chocolate bark recipe

This slab is made of milk and white chocolate swirled together with crushed Oreo’s and white chocolate stars on top.

Chocolate bark recipe

White Chocolate and Cranberry:
A simple but classic combination of white chocolate and dried cranberries, sprinkled with white chocolate stars.

Chocolate bark recipe

Walnut and Ginger:
I crushed ginger biscuits and walnut halves and scattered them on a white chocolate base, then sprinkled some gold sugar rocks on top.

Chocolate bark recipe

Have you made any festive treats this year?

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Chocolate bark recipes

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