My Favourite Christmas Movies


I am such a festive person.

Part of the Christmas build up is watching Christmas films, and I have a few favourites!

The first is obvious – Elf.

I strongly believe Elf is the greatest Christmas film ever made and it’s recently been rated as such! It’s funny and sweet, and has generated some of the most recited Christmas phrases and incredible gifs. I watch it every Christmas Day without fail.

The second is controversial and I am prepared to get some flack – The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I know people say this is a Halloween film but I totally disagree! Halloween is the back story, this film is all about the spirit of. Christmas. I’ve watched this on Christmas Eve for as long as I can remember, starting off with a VHS tape that I never rewinded afterwards, to a DVD I was gifted as an alternative black clothed teenager. I still watch this DVD to date and it’s served me well for over 15 years.

Finally, my Boxing Day film – Frozen

I know it’s not exactly a Christmas film but I like it for Boxing Day because it’s snowy and has a cute reindeer. It’s not the best Disney film by any means but I love pretty much all Disney and it has a nice wintry feel!

What are your favourite Christmas movies?

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Top three Christmas movies


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