Berlin Christmas Markets


I went to Berlin in December 2007, and loved it so much I went back again in 2016.

It’s so super Christmassy, and going to the markets was one of my favourite parts! There’s a tonne of them, but I’ll tell you about the three I visited most recently.


Gendarmenmarkt is probably Berlin’s most famous Christmas market. It is big, centrally located, and set in a beautiful square. The atmosphere is amazing and you can buy anything from wooden carvings to cheese to jewellery. There are also stalls selling original works of art. You can find several pop up restaurants, bars and a stage with various performances taking places throughout the evenings including dancing, music and acrobatics. There is a small admission fee, but part of this is donated to charity.

Berlin Christmas Markets


Alexanderplatz has all the qualities of a Christmas market, but also has a small fairground and a selection of stalls to win prizes from. Although Gendarmenmarkt might be the most famous, Alexanderplatz is probably the busiest. The ferris wheel gives a view over the market, and it is also home to the biggest Christmas Pyramid in Europe which provides more lovely views.

Red Town Hall

Red Town Hall is near Alexanderplatz, but is a more old fashioned traditional market. It has a wide range of foods and drinks to sample, and musical entertainment. There is also an ice rink around a fountain!

Berlin Christmas Markets

Unfortunately during my most recent trip, the 2016 terrorist attack took place. This tragedy meant that for the remainder of my trip much of the festivities were put on hold in respect for those who lost their lives.

I hope to visit Berlin again one day; the first time was specifically an art trip so I spent a long time exploring the museums and exhibitions. This time I got to see some beautiful landmarks.

Germany is a truly magical place at Christmas, and I would highly recommend a visit.

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Berlin Christmas Markets


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