Blogmas: My Blogmas Schedule

I’m giving Blogmas a go this year!

I am terrible at regular posting so rather than doing the whole 25 days, I’m doing the 12 days of Blogmas. 12 posts, one every other day, until Christmas! This first post is just to give you an idea of what to expect from me each day. I didn’t want to fill it with generic gift buying lists or things I like about Christmas (although of course there will be some of that!), so I’ve tried to include some mental health related content too.

1 – My Blogmas Schedule
2 – My Pocket Christmas Kit
3 – My Christmas Giveaway
4 – How to Support Someone with an Eating Disorder at Christmas
5 – Berlin Christmas Markets
6 – Why Christmas is Wonderful
7 – How to Cope with Anxiety at Christmas
8 – The Christmas Tag
9  – My Favourite Christmas Movies
10 – Taking Care of Mental Health at Christmas
11 – How to Cope with Addiction and Christmas
12 – My Christmas Eve Traditions

I hope you’ll stick with me for the journey!


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