Cara’s Corner Creations


I have opened a shop!

It’s something I had been thinking about doing for while. I make things for my friends and family a lot and they’ve been encouraging me to do it a while. It’s good for my mental health to be creative and focus on something, and I hope that what I make is positive and makes people smile. I’ve only got a few things up but there’s some more in the pipeline. I’m also donating some proceeds to Mind and Beat, two charities close to my heart.

I thought I’d just have a little run through of what I’ve made so far. I hope you like them – if you do, please tell people about it!

Pocket Self Care Kit:

I’m actually planning on making a series of these little boxes – I’ve got a couple more coming up imminently and some ideas in the pipeline for other themes that aren’t finalised yet.

I chose to make self care the first one that I focussed on because I wanted to have a strong mental health focus.

Included in the box is a mini wax melt, bath bomb and bottle of essential oil, all of which are in assorted scents. There’s also two tea bags. I’ve put a little envelope of succulent seeds with instructions as a way to encourage self care – you need to take care of your plant and yourself! Succulents are easy to keep and difficult to kill which is why I thought they would be a good plant to include – most people will be able to grow one and keep one alive so I’m told. The last thing included is three cards with self care affirmations written on. I also decided that people could just buy the cards separately if they want to! A portion of the proceeds from this item will go to Mind.


Self Care Cards:

This brings me nicely onto my next item! There are 10 different cards that could be included in the box, so I decided to sell them as a set on their own too. I think they are really pretty but I am bias! They are just a little smaller than credit card size so would fit nicely in a purse or wallet as a gentle reminder. A portion of the proceeds from this item will go to Mind.


Body Positivity Stickers:

I made some little stickers with body positive messages which can be bought in a set of 10 or 20. They are super cute and colourful! A portion of the proceeds from this item will go to Beat.


Scrabble Art:

I’ve made a few of these for people. Unfortunately I didn’t really take photos of them so these ones are the only two I have! One is for two friends who got married, and the other for a friends baby. I hope to make some more so I can get some nice pictures!

I’m hoping to start adding some more bits in the future.


You can either find the shop here, on this site, or on Etsy – though they are slightly cheaper here as there aren’t fees to cover.

I hope you might find something you or someone else would like.

More to come soon!


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  1. Congratulations on your shop! It’s so sweet you’re donating some of what you earn to Mind – I love that. I really love those body positivity stickers and will need to get my hands on some 😀 Can’t wait to see where this goes for you x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I LOVE the self care cards & scrabble frames! 😍😍 if you ever need someone to review any of your items, let me know! I’d love to! And congratulations by the way 💗

    My new blog post is here! 💫🌸 I’d love if you gave it a read and left a comment 😘


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