My Favourite Instagram Accounts

E3ED649E-0A3B-4878-8CB8-F1820E435BCDI love Instagram. I don’t post as much as I used to (because I hate the algorithm now) but I spend hours scrolling through my feed double tapping.

I follow a variety of accounts that fit into different categories, and I wanted to share my top Instagrammers with you all in each of my various favourite areas. There’s so many that I’m going to split this post in half and just tell you some of them now and some another time.


I love tattoos! I have around 30 (I’ve genuinely lost count now), and checking out other artists is one of my favourite hobbies. I’ve got so many different tattoos bookmarked on Instagram that inspire my future body art.

@callyjoart – Cally and I went to school and college together and were good friends back in the day! We don’t speak often anymore but I love following her tattooing adventures on Instagram. She stars in MTV’s Just Tattoo Of Us and travels all over doing her trademark black and grey tattoos.

@hannahmaitattoo – Hannah is 100% Disney but with her own style which is instantly recognisable. I absolutely love it and she’s right up there on my tattoo artist bucket list.

@aatattooer – I’ve had a lot of tattoos from Ari and she is my go to local artist. She’s super talented and an absolute babe.

@kerstetattoos – Super beautiful watercolour tattoos from this lady.

@evakrbdk – She makes these lovely little circular tattoos that have incredible detail.

@annamaxwelltattoos – Anna has some really cute themes here like little glitter hearts and Disney costumes which I love.

@charlotte_eleanor88 – Charlotte’s style is gorgeous colourful animals including lots of foxes which I love.

@sambarbertattoos – These are so realistic and beautiful!

@robcarvalhoart – These tattoos are incredible! He has an amazing sketchy style and makes wonderful art.

@jessicaholmestattoo – ALL THE CATS. That is all.

@pollytaylortattoos – Lots of cute animals and pretty ladies.

@ladychapelletattoos – Again, a really cool sketchy watercolour style with the added bonus of all the Disney!


I have pink hair right now and that’s generally been my go to colour over the last few years, but I’ve also had black, red, blue, turquoise, purple and rainbow. I am obsessed with colourful hair and if it wasn’t for the upkeep, I’d have all the colours under the sun! Some of my favourite accounts are truly hair artists.

@hairbymisskellyo – Kelly creates lots of lovely pastel combinations, something which I could never maintain so can only admire!

@hairgod_zito – He can do short hair, long hair, shaved hair, in all the colours under the sun.

@hairbykaseyoh – Kasey was the first hair account I ever followed when I got instagram and she is still one of my all time favourites.

@arcticfoxhaircolor– This is a brand page but I like it because it’s a features photos of how people are using their dyes which is a great source of inspiration because it shows you different ways you can dye your hair by yourself rather than by a professional colourist.

@directions_hair_colour – Directions is also a brand page, and it’s my brand! I’ve been loyal to Directions since discovering by accident a few years ago when the brand I was using previously was sold out, and I’ve never looked back! It’s super vibrant, lasts for ages, is good for your hair and is cruelty free! What’s not to love?

@pulpriothair – Again, this is a brand page of gorgeous colours and styles; I’ve never used it personally but I know that it’s a go to brand for lots of stylists.

@kayla_boyer – She uses ultra vibrant colours mixed together in such amazing combinations.

@hairbyclairperez – Clair has lots of photos of how she mixes colours into stripey patterns which is really unusual and effective.


If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that I absolutely love travelling. City breaks, backpacking, luxury holidays – I love it all. As with most people though, there are many different factors that mean my capacity to explore is limited, so I like to travel vicariously through these seriously wanderlust inducing accounts.

@cally_world – Cally, from the tattoo page above, also spends a lot of time travelling around and has had some really cool adventures.

@gypsealust – Lauren has a ridiculous number of followers, but one look at her account will show you why!

@mylifesatravelmovie – Alyssa has ticked of so many countries and does most of it solo which I love.

@theblondetraveldiary – Alina has some gorgeous photos and they aren’t all of beaches, which are lovely but it’s nice to get to see some other parts of the world too.

@agirlwhoblooms – The amount of turquoise sea in this girls photos is seriously impressive and definitely makes me want to live on a beach for the rest of my life.

@girleatworld – This account is slightly different in that it focuses not just on the locations themselves, but all the beautiful foods that can be discovered across the world.

My other favourite accounts are all about animals, health and some odd bits and bobs – I’ll share them in another post in the future!

You can find me on Instagram here, where you can check out all the other accounts I love.

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