Happy Birthday NHS


It’s the NHS’s 70th birthday today!

The NHS is flawed in many ways, much of which is unfortunately dictated by the government. There are enormous waiting lists, budget cuts left right and centre and what feels like a never ending staff shortage.

With that said, I love the NHS. It has helped me and people I love immeasurably. I’m honestly not sure I’d be alive without it, and if I was I certainly wouldn’t have the quality of life I have now. Although there have been problems with all the mental and physical health services I have been involved with, I can still think of individuals who have made a lasting impact on my life in spite of the many challenges they inevitably faced.

It seems only right to me that I ended up in this position, giving back to the NHS in my job as a nurse, and supporting the next generation – some of whom I hope will make the same choice I did.

I’m proud to work for the NHS and I hope it is around for many years to come. Hopefully with some more mental health funding though!

Happy birthday NHS!

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Happy birthday NHS


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