My Trip: Thailand


As you may or may not know, I’ve just returned from a short backpacking trip in South East Asia.

I wanted to do a little series of posts so I could share with you all the cool things I did and saw. This post is about the final country I visited, Thailand. I’ve also written about my time in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Crossing the border to Thailand was slightly more than crossing into Cambodia, but not by much – I probably had to queue for around an hour.

Going from Cambodia into Thailand, especially as I got closer to Bangkok, was like going into a time machine 100 years into the future. Vietnam and Cambodia are still years behind and trying to recover from war; Thailand hasn’t had to contest with such atrocities. It had skyscrapers, highways, big modern hospitals; a complete contrast from both Vietnam and Cambodia.


I arrived at my hotel room after a very long drive, ready to put my bag down and go out for dinner, but I had the shock of my life when I opened my hotel room door to discover two naked guys quite comfortably settled into that room already! I think they were even more surprised than I was – thankfully my new room was 2 floors up so I didn’t have to see either of them again!

My hotel had a gorgeous rooftop bar so I went up there for a drink before dinner. I went for dinner with the group I’d been travelling with as most of us were leaving the following day. The restaurant had an amazing rooftop bar too with incredible views over the river, and it was so hot even late into the evening.

After dinner I wanted a proper night out so a couple of us went to Khao San Road which is the main bar strip in Bangkok. It was pretty hectic! We found a cool little bar with a guy singing live music and massive buckets of cocktails. We pretty much drank and danced all night and had so much fun saying goodbye to our trip!

Wat Pho Bangkok

I did oversleep the next day after snoozing my alarm which was probably to be expected after the night before! I headed out to Wat Pho first thing which was absolutely gorgeous, the buildings and statues were so pretty. After exploring there for a couple of hours I headed to the Grand Palace. It was okay but so, so busy, which took a lot of the enjoyment out of it for me.

Buddha Bangkok

My final stop in Bangkok was the Unicorn Cafe, and I cannot explain how excited I was to finally be able to visit. I got all the way there, across the other side of the city down a back alley, and it was bloody closed! Apparently Monday is their day off which was heartbreaking for me because who knows if I’ll ever return to Bangkok? If I do it will definitely be between Tuesday and Sunday that’s for sure.

I spent the rest of the afternoon exploring the markets which I definitely didn’t rate as much as the ones in Cambodia, before slowly heading towards the airport.

Of the three countries, Cambodia was definitely my favourite, although I was there for the most time. It felt friendlier though! I’d definitely love to return to all three countries though and explore further, especially Vietnam and Thailand as I saw such a small part of them.

I definitely got the holiday blues once I’d got home, but that’s a perfect excuse to start planning my next trip – Bali here I come!

If you want to see more photos and keep up with my adventures, check out my Instagram.

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