How to Survive a Long Haul Flight

As we speak I have just sat on the plane for the first leg of my journey to Vietnam.

I’ve done quite a few long haul flights now and I have definitely picked up some tips and tricks so far! These are my tops tips for making the journey a little easier.


– Stay hydrated. This is the biggest one for me – planes can make you feel groggy and horrible, and it’s also really bad for your circulation to sit down on a plane for too long. Lots of water not only helps your cat irculation by keeping you hydrated, it also gives you a reason to have a walk around when you need a wee which gets your blood flowing!

– Be comfortable. I wear floaty, loose clothes while travelling, and always have a jumper. Plane temperatures are really unpredictable!

– Entertain yourself. I have my kindle and my phone with Season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race on download, and my Beats headphones. The headphones provided are usually fine and there’s often a great selection of films, but I like to have a back up and I’ve brought my own headphones just to have a bit of luxury with me.

– Bring snacks. Thank Plane food is pretty hit and miss, so I always recommend having a couple of snacks handy just in case!

– Sleep. Sometimes the best way to get through a flight in to sleep through it! I am becoming a nervous flyer more and more than these days, so I always bring some diazepam with me and a sleep mask to help the journey pass as quickly as possible.


– Clock watch. I’ve fallen into this trap before and it’s painful, especially on really long flights.

– Encroach on your neighbours space. It’s infuriating when this happens to you, planes are small enough as it is and the personal space you get is sacred! Be a courteous passenger.

– Get drunk. I do have a glass of wine or two throughout the journey generally, but don’t get too drunk! It’s not fun for anyone near you, you’ll get dehydrated and you might not be able to respond quickly and safely in an emergency.

flight essentials

Do you have any tips that help you to get through long flights?

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How to survive a long haul flight


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