Versatile Blogger Award

I can’t believe this, but I’ve been nominated for another award this week!

This time it was the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ by the lovely Becca over at Missing in Sight. She talks so eloquently and honestly about what it feels like to live with mental health problems, and the ways she copes. I highly recommend everyone to check her blog out!

So, what is the Versatile Blogger Award?

Blogger awards are a fun way for bloggers to show appreciation for other bloggers and their content. Blogging is harder work than it may look like from the outside, so it means the world when we are shown in any way that we are appreciated! The Versatile Blogger Award celebrates high quality, unique, and loving content. When nominated, the blogger can choose to accept the nomination and pass it on to 15 bloggers that they believe deserve a nomination as well.

The rules to accept this award are simple:

– Thank the person who nominated you, and link their blog. There are millions of blogs out there, and somebody chose yours!

– Nominate 15 bloggers to keep spreading the appreciation.

– Share7 facts about yourself.


One –

I studied art and design, specifically fashion design for 3 years, and won student of the year for a ball gown I made with the theme of living with an eating disorder.

Two –

I had a pet frog called Stumpy because his left hand was missing. He was 5 years old and about the size of a £2 coin. When I was on holiday once, around 5 years ago, he swam into the filter and got stuck. I still miss him a lot.

Three –

I won a writing competition when I was 6. We had to write to the Royal Mail saying what we wanted to be when we grew up. Lots of my peers wrote about being footballers or ballerinas or doctors or singers. I said I wanted to be the sun so I could make people happy, be friends with the moon and watch the fish in the sea. I won £100 and bought a Disney princess dress and a toy Pegasus.


I haven’t seen my natural hair colour for about 14 years.


I have nightmares a lot so I like having dream catchers in my house – I know it’s silly but I like the idea that they might actually work!


People think I called my cat Panda because I like Panda’s a lot, but I actually like Panda’s a lot because they make me think of my cat.


I used to horse ride and had a pony, Epernay (Epi for short), named after the city in France where champagne comes from because of his lovely colour. The first thing I would do if I had enough money would be to take up riding again and have my own horse.

My Blogger Picks:

Lots of these blogs have a lot of followers so I know some of them won’t fill this out, but I just really wanted to highlight some of my favourites! Some of them have a lot of followers and some not quite as many; some I’ve followed for a while and some just recently. They mostly talk about mental health, with a little bit of lifestyle and travel thrown in for good mix. Please go and check out…

Travelling Wanderer

For All That Wander

It’s Time to Talk Mental Health

Just A Girl Interrupted

Lauren’s Journey

Gemma Callaway

Hello Bipolar

Life of Larissa

Mental Health Recovery Road

No Space for Milk

Health and Fitness by Blue

Subtle Jamie

Hanna Beats Ana

It’s Okay to Talk

Lisa’s Reality

Again, thank you so much to Becca and I hope you all have enjoy the blogs I have picked!

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