Pets and Mental Health

As I write this, my lovely cat is sat on my lap keeping me company.

Having pets is so important for my mental health, and animals in general have been shown to be really beneficial to people’s health and wellbeing.

Cute black and white cat

So to introduce you to my pets, I’ll start with my best mate Panda. He is 7 years old and I’ve had him since he was a baby. His favourite things are marmite, waking me up at 6am and rubbing faces with me. He hates it when people open cans of pop near him. He’s moved house with me 5 times, been around for several life events, and always cheers me up when I need him to. There’s something very clever about pets that I know a lot of people talk about; they are so intuitive and Panda always knows when I’m feeling rubbish. He’s like my little shadow, and I spend 90% of my time at home being confined to my sofa because he has chosen to grace me with his lap-sitting and I do not want to take this privilege for granted. He is my little furry soul mate and even has his own theme song, and I have a little tattoo of a Panda on my ankle for him.

Cute bunny rabbits

Now onto my princesses, Luna and Lola bunnies. They are just coming up 3 years old and I’ve also had them since they were tiny. They love bananas, tunnels and each other, and they hate loud noises. While they aren’t as affectionate or cuddly as Panda, watching them jump and run around cheers me up no matter what mood I’m in; there’s very little that a binky can’t cure. I recently built them their very own bespoke hutch based off some designs I saw on Pinterest; they love it and I love having them inside so I can see them all the time. They get to run around the house every day now and go back into their house at night. They are the absolute best of friends and are inseparable.

Aside from having my own pets, I just love animals! One of the best parts of my job – nursing in the community – is visiting people’s houses and getting to meet all their pets! I also had a horse when I was younger and riding is one of the most therapeutic things I’ve ever done, though unfortunately isn’t something I can afford these days. I always tell myself that it’s something I’ll come back to one day.

Don’t get me wrong, my animals don’t cure my mental health problems. But they do give me a purpose, responsibility, and unconditional love – all things that are so important when you’re not feeling so good.

As I’ve already said – I love animals! Furry ones, scaly ones, spiky ones. Do you have any pets that help you with your mental health (and if so, can I see?!)

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Why pets are good for mental health


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